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Check out our CALENDAR page to see the dates for spring music and Early Bird Preschool music classes. The Music Tree hosts several recitals each semester to give students who are ready to perform a venue for sharing their music with family and friends. Click HERE for registration form or see our contact information below if you have questions.


Early Birds Preschool Music
Class ages vary by semester
Please contact Nancy Hendrick for current information.

Chamber Orchestra (Register Now!)
Open to all string students in Zachary and surrounding areas

Garage Band
Garage Band –High School
Garage Band Jr. – Middle School
All Garage Band members must currently be enrolled in private lessons

Download and return Spring registration forms

(Note: Download these forms and email to or bring to Music Tree.)

Call us: at (225) 654-1271 to schedule spring music classes!

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4 thoughts on “Registration and Class Info

  1. I am looking into voice lessons this semester for my 7 & 12 year old daughters. I searched the website for information, but could not locate it. We are not able to have them take voice lessons on Thursday and Friday do to prior commitments. My oldest daughter took lessons from Nancy several semester ago. What are the days and times for these classes?

  2. Very interested in knowing about voice lessons. I am 60 years old and would love to have a few lessons if at all possible. I am still working, but often have Mondays off. Will you let me know if this might be possible.

  3. Thank you for reaching out to us, Ms. Howell.

    You can find registration information and a link to Ms. Nancy’s email address:
    Voice lessons follow the same form and tuition as the other instruments:

    Days and times vary quite a bit. Please contact Ms. Nancy for specifics or call Dr. Thais Perkins at (225) 654-1271. I’m sure you will be able to find a time and day of the week that works best with your schedule.

    Wishing you well!
    Frances/on behalf of the Music Tree Prep School

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