Dale Harris, percussion instructor

Dale Harris has over 20 years’ experience playing drums professionally in Rock, Blues, R&B, Swing/Jazz, and Latin/Jazz bands.

Dale has studied percussion under Lyman Mulkey and Latin rhythms under local percussion great Herman Jackson. He has toured regionally from Austin to New Orleans. His local experience includes two of our state’s well-known venues: The Varsity Theater in Baton Rouge and Tipitina’s in New Orleans.

Dale is the percussionist for the Jazz Souls, a standards jazz ensemble consisting of bass guitar, drum-set, vibraphone, trumpet and tenor saxophone, with occasional vocals by different members.  The group plays popular jazz tunes from the 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s.  Styles range from New Orleans Jazz, Swing Era, Blues, Bebop, Cool, Bossa Nova, Fusion, and Contemporary Jazz.

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