Fall  2018 Tuition and Fees


Fall Semester 2018

14-week semester


Private Instruction / Semester Tuition

30-minute lessons              $500

45-minute lessons              $750

hour lessons                          $1000

Tuition payment options

  • Payment in full
  • Two equal payments
  • 4 equal payments of:

30-minute lessons / $125

45-minute lessons / $187.50

hour lessons / $250

Classes / Semester Tuition

12-week semester

‘Early Birds’

Preschool Music $300

Garage Band $300

Jazz Combo $300

Chamber Orchestra $250

Music Theory $50

**NOTE: tuition is adjusted for students entering after week 1 of the semester

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  1. Thank you for your interest in the pre-school music program.

    I will send your name and email address to our instructor. If you want to respond with a phone number, that will help us get to your quickly. We will not publish the reply with your phone number.

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